Clean Solutions for Healthier and Safer Buildings
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About Us

Air Brilliance is here to make you and those who visit your space feel safer and healthier indoors. Regardless of your space, it is our goal to put you at ease knowing that we have taken all the steps necessary to help protect you and your visitors from bacteria and pathogens indoors. We help you create safer and healthier environments using tools to fit your specific space. We know that all buildings are different, so we provide a multi-pronged solutions to combat COVID-19 indoors.

When you’re ready to explore life indoors again, please reach out to learn about options for how we to create healthier and safer spaces for your business, home, and indoor space.

Jesse Crane Simon

Founder, Air Brilliance


What We Cover

Clean Air

We improve your air quality by better filtering of harmful particles in the building.

Disinfect Surfaces

We clean hard surfaces in high touch high traffic areas with the same UV lighting measures used in hospitals.

Dismantle Pathogens

We neutralize virus particles both in the air and on surfaces using ionizers. 

New Safety Measures

We provide fundamental support through safety and cleanliness products for your building’s high-traffic areas.

Safety solutions created specifically for you.

What we do

Making the Indoors Feel Safe Again

Air Brilliance provides solutions for a healthier and safer indoor spaces and experiences. We use a multi-level COVID protection and purification system for inside your building to help protect your people and your business.