Clean Solutions for Healthier and Safer Buildings
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About Us

Air Brilliance is focused on making indoor spaces healthier and safer for you, your employees, your students and families. We provide multi-pronged solutions, fit specifically to your space to deep clean the air and surfaces using scientifically proven methods of enhanced filtration, and germicidal UV lighting to kill bacteria. We also offer innovative constant air quality monitoring and assistance with marketing collateral to show your families and teachers the steps taken to keep them safer indoors. 

When you’re ready to explore life indoors again, please reach out to learn about options for how we to create healthier and safer spaces for your business, office, or indoor spaces.

Jesse Crane Simon

Founder, Air Brilliance


What We Cover

Upgrade Ventilation

We improve your air quality utilizing ASHRAE recommended air exchanges.

Filter Pathogens

We neutralize virus particles in the air and on surfaces using HEPA room air purification and upgraded central air system filtration.

Disinfect Surfaces

We clean hard surfaces in high touch high traffic areas in hard to reach areas with the germicidal UV lighting.

Safety Support

We provide branded safety products and air quality tracking for your building’s high-traffic areas.

Indoor safety solutions created specifically for you.

What we do

Making the Indoors Feel Safe Again

We provide cost-effective options tailored specifically to your space where we work through a variety of solutions, so you can pick and choose safety measures based on your budget. 

While masks and six-foot stickers are a great start, this NYT articleillustrates the dire need for adequate ventilation in our schools.  Let us help you implement long-term scientifically proven methods of filtration, ventilation, and UV sanitation without the upkeep of disinfectants or sprays.